I live outside Boulder, CO but I’m always trying to get “to Moab.”  Utah, that is. The American West is incredibly beautiful, and as a photographer / videographer, I try to capture that beauty on film and share it on this site.  During July, 2017, my 16 year old son Kyle and I bikepacked the Colorado Trail.  It was epic.



Gunny Loop (Lunch Loops), Grand Junction, CO

Back in October I went out to Grand Junction for a few days to ride the Lunch Loops.  It was my first attempt at riding here, and I started with Gunny Loop.  Such a great ride!  But a difficult one – I endo’ed twice and got both on the highlight vid below. Video Highlights  


My wife Cris and I love to explore the world, and have had the good fortune to travel to many interesting places. She worked for Continental Airlines (later acquired by United) when I first met her with a “Marry me, fly free” t-shirt on. Although we don’t fly for free anymore, we try to get out and see a different part of the world whenever we can. I always have my camera on hand and will use this site to share some of the cool things we’ve seen.

Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

Castle Bran, Romania

Guarda, Portugal

Salamanca, Spain

Cáceres, Spain

Mérida, Spain

Medellín, Spain

Oropesa, Spain

Madrid, Spain