Oropesa, Spain

Oropesa castle
Oropesa castle

Heading southwest out of Madrid down to Merida to the Roman ruins, you’ll see Oropesa, a small town where nobles of Toledo stayed.

I, like most Americans, am a sucker for castles.  We had one rule on this hastily planned trip.  If we see an interesting castle or cathedral off in the distance, pull over and go check it out. We stuck to this rule for the entire trip, and was so worth it.  So, we pulled over to get a look.

The castle was built around 1400 which you can climb to the top of for great views of the distant mountains.


Madrid, Spain

a beautiful night
a beautiful night for a bullfight?

Ok, so this post isn’t about any ride or hike in the western US, or anywhere in the US for that matter.  My wife and I love to travel (she worked for Continental Airlines before they were acquired by United), and I thought I’d share photos from some of the beautiful places we’ve been.  

We are on a big road trip through Spain and Portugal right now with my father-in-law Felix, who was married to a wonderful Spanish lady from Madrid.  Out of the blue during our Labor Day stay in Winter Park he said, “Ed, have you been to a bullfight?”  I said no, and he said, “Let’s go see one.”  Since Felix is 81, we decided to not wait, and after a few days of planning craziness, the following Friday we were on a plane for Madrid.  

We arrived Saturday early in the day and were all jet-lagged.  But after several coffees and plenty of jamon, we headed down to the venue.

To be honest, both my wife and I had concerns about watching a bullfight. I had heard it was brutal, and the young members of our Spanish family contingent refused to go. But it was important to Felix, so we went. I was right – it was bloody and harsh, but I could appreciate the skill of the matador. Additionally the event was on a beautiful warm September night that ended with a stunning sundown. Although I won’t go to another, I’m glad we went – it’s now a week later and Felix is still talking about how much he enjoyed himself.