Madrid, Spain

a beautiful night
a beautiful night for a bullfight?

Ok, so this post isn’t about any ride or hike in the western US, or anywhere in the US for that matter.  My wife and I love to travel (she worked for Continental Airlines before they were acquired by United), and I thought I’d share photos from some of the beautiful places we’ve been.  

We are on a big road trip through Spain and Portugal right now with my father-in-law Felix, who was married to a wonderful Spanish lady from Madrid.  Out of the blue during our Labor Day stay in Winter Park he said, “Ed, have you been to a bullfight?”  I said no, and he said, “Let’s go see one.”  Since Felix is 81, we decided to not wait, and after a few days of planning craziness, the following Friday we were on a plane for Madrid.  

We arrived Saturday early in the day and were all jet-lagged.  But after several coffees and plenty of jamon, we headed down to the venue.

To be honest, both my wife and I had concerns about watching a bullfight. I had heard it was brutal, and the young members of our Spanish family contingent refused to go. But it was important to Felix, so we went. I was right – it was bloody and harsh, but I could appreciate the skill of the matador. Additionally the event was on a beautiful warm September night that ended with a stunning sundown. Although I won’t go to another, I’m glad we went – it’s now a week later and Felix is still talking about how much he enjoyed himself.