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Last year when my son Kyle and I did the Colorado Trail, we had to route around Segment 7 because of wildfire.  So I decided to ride it with my friend John Bissert, from Copper to Breckenridge. 

It’s a technically challenging trail for a bike, with lots of “hike-a-bike” sections  particularly near the summit. 

We started on the Copper side as I figured most CT hikers will be on the other side heading west, and we’ll cross at the summit.  That would give us a relatively free descent, and that proved right.

Just shy of the summit we heard a booming sound in the distance.  We then saw six slurry jets headed west to drop flame retardant on the massive fires near Durango.  It was cool to see them fly in the valley, lower than us.

On the Breckenridge side we ran into a CTF Trail Crew working on improving the trail, led by Brent Adams and Anne Englert.  Kyle and I will join a 7 day crew in mid-July and it was cool to meet some of the folks we’d be working with.

Mayhem Gulch, Golden, CO

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