Heil Valley Ranch, Boulder, CO

I was psyched when my old friend John Bissert texted me over the weekend.  “Let’s ride and catch up,” he said.  John and I have been friends for 15+ years, and met when our girls (the two Taylors) were in girl scouts together.  We became fast friends, mountain biking and road riding whenever we could.

the two Taylors at Cal-Wood, 2002
Taylor Bissert and Taylor Pfromer at Cal-Wood, 2002

As our respective careers grew, we got busy with travel and family, and lost touch with each other.  John was curious about the Colorado Trail bikepack epic that my son Kyle and I did last year, and reached out.  We settled on Heil Valley Ranch on a beautiful 70 degree spring day.

John was always wicked fast and strong on the uphill, and he still is.  The pecking order was re-established with me in the back.  But this time I had a good reason – to follow cam our descent down this great Boulder trail.

Heil Valley Ranch Highlights

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