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As part of exploring the Lunch Loops in Grand Junction a few weeks ago, I did Andy’s Loop to Pet-e-Kes.  Both rides are through really interesting geological terrain with bright whites, greens, reds, and oranges in the soil.  

Andy’s Loop

Andy’s provides some fun cliff edge riding.  I rode it in reverse direction to get to Pet-e-Kes, but will ride it normal direction next time to get the descent into the canyon.

Andy's Loop down into canyon
Andy’s Loop down into canyon
like a moonscape
like a moonscape
looking down on Andy's
looking down on Andy’s


I had ridden up Pet-e-Kes the day prior as part of Gunny Loop and thought it would be a really fun ride down.  I was right.  You weave fast through a bunch of interesting terrain with a wide variety of soil colors.

cool terrain
cool terrain
Guarda, Portugal

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