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The Ribbon has it all. Long slickrock with great views, ledges and edges (don’t cliff out!), and a bonus cave at the end to walk through.

After living for two decades on the Colorado front range, I decided to not blow through Grand Junction for Fruita and Moab, and check out the Lunch Loops.  I gotta say, this area is now high up on my favorites list.  

I started with The Ribbon, and was a bit nervous because my friend Jon warned me about this trail.  It isn’t all that well marked, and takes some sharp turns to avoid 10-30 foot cliffs. Jon has a friend who cliffed out  and had to be air-lifted to St Mary’s in Grand Junction (she healed up nicely). 

So I took my time.  

But wow, it’s such a cool trail.  Shortly after leaving the top parking lot you pop out onto an enormous slab of slick rock.

a huge slab of rock to ride on
a huge slab of rock to ride on

You ride fast for a long time, but you must pay attention as the rock narrows to just a few feet wide.

narrow section (don't cliff out!)
narrow section (don’t cliff out!)

Then you drop down into a tight set of turns through a feature.  

a tough feature ahead
a tough feature ahead

After the feature you again get atop a long slab of slickrock and fly down it to a stream bed.

Near the end of the trail you pass the start of Andy’s Loop, and hike up out of the canyon.  But as you ascend, you’ll find a bonus – a cave on the left.  Stop to walk into and check it out.

bonus: a cave!
bonus: a cave!

I had parked up on the road, and so I headed back to my car, but if you started below, Andy’s is a great ride.

from road looking down on Andy's and The Ribbon
from road looking down on Andy’s and The Ribbon
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