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Bull Run is one of the first segments of the Mag 7 (Magnificent 7) ride in Moab.

It’s full of rolling through the dirt and scrub brush as well as riding the ledges and edges of a canyon. 

On Bull Run I met up with two strong riders from Santa Cruz, Tom and Brian, and follow-cam’ed them for the rest of Mag 7.

In the first part of the ride the canyon is on your left, then you transition to another where it’s on your right.

canyons on the left
canyons on the left

The views toward Moab and the La Sals are spectacular.  

Porcupine Rim, Moab, UT

Tom at 7:29 pm, October 11, 2017 - Reply

Hi Ed . This is Tom from Santa Cruz . Thanks for filming . Pretty cool seeing it on your site . Watched some of the footage of your trip with your son . Very cool ! I’m interested in seeing the rest of the footage of the mag 7 that day . My email is [email protected] . Let me know if your ever in my neck of the woods and I’ll show you some fun trails . Cheers !

Ed Pfromer at 7:32 pm, October 11, 2017 - Reply

Hey Tom! I’ll set you up with OneDrive access in email and check back here for a writeup of the rest of Mag 7. It was a blast riding with you!

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