I was lucky to be able to get out to Moab early this week.  It was a dicey drive in heavy fog and snow through an early season storm that hit both Utah and Colorado.  

early snow at the Eisenhower tunnel
early snow at the Eisenhower tunnel

When I got to Moab, I found out I had just missed by a day the ability to shuttle up to Burro Pass. The pass was closed because of snow and mud.  However, the upside was that riding UPS / LPS was like riding on the clouds, and I got some really nice pictures.

UPS / LPS is such a great ride.  You move through the brush and then every so often pop out right on the cliff edge giving you a bit of a jolt.  Then back into the brush, then back to the edge.  It’s a huge rush.

Grand Traverse, Cougar Ridge, Black Mamba, Vail, CO

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