Before my son Kyle and I start the Colorado Trail tomorrow, I want to thank the whole crew at the CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center, particularly Jared Berg and Ryan Kohler. The Center offers an effective assessment and coaching program that helped me get into the shape necessary at 52 years old to do this.  

Jared Berg

Right after New Years Jared, a triathlon coach and former Ironman competitive triathlete himself, put me onto a bike and attached a bunch of hoses and monitors while he ratcheted up the difficulty to determine my VO2 max.

Jared administered the VO2 test
Jared administered the VO2 test

Although it was a difficult test (you do everything you can to avoid ripping off the mask at the end), the data provided me comfort that this effort was attainable.  Jared promptly devised a training program tailored to me, and I got to it immediately.

Ryan Kohler

After the VO2 test I met with Ryan Kohler for a nutrition consult and meal plan. Ryan has been racing mountain bikes since he was 13, has a Masters in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science, and provided several approaches to help me drop the middle-aged tire and build fitness to climb nearly 100K ft in elevation over 500 miles.  

Ryan Kohler at a recent race
Ryan Kohler at a recent race

As the weeks and months wore on, and the diet became mundane, Ryan was there to help with advice and get me back on the wagon.  I’ve dropped nearly 10 lbs since January and feel ready for the trail.

Thanks to both Jared and Ryan for all the help. 

Can’t wait to start tomorrow!

Dr. Park, Crested Butte, CO

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