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To get ready for the CT, we knew we needed to do a big multi-day bikepack ride beforehand in order to test out our gear and fitness levels.  We picked the Kokopelli Trail which links two of my favorite places, Fruita, Colorado and Moab, Utah.  Although there’s singletrack in Fruita, the route is mainly connected jeep roads and was created by the COPMOBA (Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Association) back in 1989.  It can be ridden in either direction, but needs to be done in the spring or the fall because there’s snow in the La Sal mountains above Moab in the winter, and the heat is brutal in the summer.  We decided to do the trail in April over Easter weekend when Kyle had a four day weekend off from school. 

The Weigh In

Kyle and I have been prepping for the CT for several months now and it was time to assemble our gear.  Last Wednesday I pulled my stuff together, put it on the scale, and the breakdown was as follows.

27.8 lbs – bike, no gear

14.0 lbs – bikepacks, including 1L of water

15.7 lbs – backpack, including 3L of water

Total was 57.5 lbs, which is a little heavy.  My goal was to have the bikepacks plus backpack plus water total no more than 20 lbs, but we were at 29.7 lbs. 

One of the things that weighs so much is our electronics.  We are doing the CT primarily for the photography and videography opportunities, and so I’m carrying a GoPro Hero5, Karma gimbal, iPhone 7+ for navigation and still pictures, an Anker solar panel, and a backup Anker battery.  That set of gear probably weighs 5 lbs itself.  I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it.  I used to carry 60+ lbs on my back when hiking and camping back in the 90s!

Timberline Trail around Mt Hood, OR (circa 1996)
Timberline Trail around Mt Hood, OR (circa 1996)

Kyle got home from school in the afternoon, pulled his gear together, weighed it and it was roughly equal to mine.  So we loaded up the car and got to bed early to be able to get up a 5am and be on the road by 5:30 next morning with Cris for Fruita.

Mallory Cave, Boulder, CO

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