In the 18 Road set of trails, right next to Zippity Do Da is Joe’s Ridge.  It’s not as steep as Zippity, but offers lots of fun ups and downs with great western views.

Joe’s Ridge Ride Profile

Like all the 18 Road trails, you can ride up the main road, and then for Zippity and Joe’s turn left at the top, then a right a hundred or so feet.   You’ll have some stunning views.

heading up to Joe's Ridge, looking west
heading up to Joe’s Ridge, looking west

After a short bit of hardscrabble climbing, you’ll be rewarded with a fast and fun set of roller-coaster rolls with awesome views of the valley below.   Joe’s will veer left across Kessel Run, but instead, I would take MoJoe which gives you another mile plus of riding.

Bear Peak, Boulder, CO

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