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I love to hike, and a few months ago I joined Meetup looking for other hikers in the Denver/Boulder area and came upon Hiking with Geeks.  I did my first meetup hike in Denver and met Mendel Kurland from Austin, TX who created the group and has expanded it to several locations in the US.  The idea is for technically minded people to get out into the woods for some exercise and great views, and network along the way.  It’s brilliant and has been growing like a weed across the country.  For more info on Hiking with Geeks, check out Hiking With Geeks lures nerds into the great outdoors.

Mendel and I became fast friends, and I’ve hosted a few hikes including one yesterday to the top of Bear Peak in south Boulder.

On a beautiful sunny day between spring storms, the group showed up to hike one of the most difficult hikes in Boulder.  

heading up to Bear Peak in the background

With nearly 3000 of elevation gain in only 3.5 miles, it’s stair climbing for 2 of those miles.  

stair climbing for quite a while

We hiked through a cool burn zone with twisted, gnarled trees surrounding us like something out of Harry Potter.

burn zone

Finally we hit the top for great views of Boulder and the front range.

If you are in the Denver/Boulder area, check out Hiking with Geeks.

Zippity Do Da, 18 Road, Fruita, CO

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