Mack Ridge to Steve’s Loop, Fruita, CO

Mack Ridge offers great views of the Colorado and can be combined with several other trails in the Kokopelli trail system to form a loop.  I rode counter-clock-wise from Mack Ridge to Lion’s Loop to Steve’s Loop for a really fun day. However, next time I’ll reverse it, as the the initial climb up Mack Ridge would be wicked fun as a descent.  

Steve’s Loop is on my all-time favorite list.  Riding the rim around the canyon is a huge rush, and the first time I came around the bend to see the exposure I nearly froze solid.  But you have plenty of room to negotiate, and after a few times it’s not such a big deal.  It’s a popular ride – I’ve actually seen folks do it on a tandem!  If you try it be sure to stop and check out the Colorado River.


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