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Between Grand Junction and the Utah border in western Colorado is the cool little town of Fruita, home to several world-class mountain bike trails.  Most people coming from Denver drive right through Fruita on the way to Moab, but they really should stop and spend a few days there.  Trails are lightly trafficked, hotels are cheap, the food is good, and both the Kokopelli and 18 Road trail systems have much to offer.

For those that don’t want to ride the Kokopelli on the cliffs above the Colorado River, head north to 18 Road into the North Fruita Desert Trail System.  

18 Road parking lot
18 Road parking lot

From one parking lot are 5+ great options that you can loop through.  Try riding in the evening – you’ll probably see no one on the trail, and you’ll get to ride into a spectacular sunset.

Zippity Do Da is one of my favorites.  You can take one of the singletracks up, or the main road to just shy of the start.  Turn left and head out on a short section of singletrack.  A bit more climbing and then you’ll emerge from the brush to see the trail unfold in front of you.

Clip in and bomb down the trail on the crest of the hill to get your heart pounding.

zippity do da
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